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Weight Loss Coaching

There truly is nothing more frustrating and time-consuming than trying to learn about accurate macro percentages and total calories needed to change your body’s composition. And to top it off, once you know these calculations, then the daunting task of creating the right meal plans to fit into that macro and calorie count is a long and tedious task.

Let me give you peace of mind while my Team of Dieticians and I take the guesswork out of what to eat, portion sizes, and even when to eat to reach your weight loss goals. We will create your customized meal plan based on properly calculating your calories and macronutrients needed to reach your goal. You and I will decide on what type of eating lifestyle you want to follow so your way of eating becomes natural for you and can be a plan that is sustainable for life. 


If a regular MEAL PLAN is not right for you we do offer a KETO plan that you can choose.

As a bonus with our eating plans, you will receive access to my APP that makes it easy to look at your plan from anywhere in the world. The Computer program outside of your app will allow you to print your simple grocery list, exchange foods and keep things super simple


You will LOVE IT!


Keto Done the Right Way - Custom plans and programs created by Angie.


Various Fitness programs to fit your lifestyle and your personal needs


Not sure what your needs are contact Angie for a Free Consult.

Meal Plans



  • All Meal templates have been carefully designed and researched by our team of Registered Dieticians. The calorie counts and macro designations will all be dependent on YOUR goal (example – Weight Loss, Maintenance, or Weight Gain?)  as well as your individual information to ensure YOU have the right plan for you to achieve your goal.

  • The plans are 7 to 28-day plans that tell you EXACTLY what to eat and how much to eat depending on your goal. NO More guessing!

  • When you choose your plan,  it will be given to you in an email and you can view it AND work with it right on your computer. You will also have access to an app download so you can have your plan with you at ALL times on your mobile devices.

  • Within this program, you will be able to do exchanges to your foods on your plan independently and the greatest things are it will balance your calories when you exchange the food from within the list you are given. This way,  if you receive a plan with food you do not enjoy, you are welcome to change it.

  • It is super important that you watch my video on how to do exchanges before you change anything on your plan to ensure you know what to watch for as you could compromise your plan by changing your macros up to much.  Please do not use the exchange button until you view the video to ensure your success



Package 1

$49.95 Starter Plan

  • Your App will remain operational for 2 FULL months so that you can use the exchange buttons.

  • You can print your plan so at the end of your 2 months you have your plan in hand.



Package 2

$125 Includes all of Package #1

  • Plus a 1 hour Coaching/Goals setting/Strategy Weight Loss Call with your Personal Coach Angie



Package 3

$325 Includes all of Package #1

  • Plus a 1 hour Coaching/Goals setting/Strategy Weight Loss Call with your Personal Coach Angie 

  • Plus 3 Once per week Coaching Calls with Coach Angie



Pre/Post Natal Lactating

A Team of Dieticians that will formulate your proper calorie count and macronutrient formulas based on your own individual unique information, needs, and goals. They have designed the most amazing meal plan templates that you can carry with you wherever you go. The app is super user friendly and your meal plan is always only the click of a button away. Here at ReDefine Health and Fitness we do not prescribe the ketogenic lifestyle, we teach you how to administer it. We are NOT a medical facility, NOR do we have medical staff on duty other than the Dietitians that produce the calorie counts and meal plan templates. It is always suggested that you consult with your own Health Care Provider when you change your diet or start a new exercise program

Get in – Workout – Feel Amazing

Combining your workouts with my ‘customized meal planning service’ will yield the best and quickest results possible! And the great news about this service your location doesn’t matter as it can all be done through phone calls and technology. My Weight Loss Coaching Service Works and it is Powerful. I take all of the guesswork out of what to eat, how much to eat when to eat, and more. Super simple and very successful.

One on One Personal Training


Post Pregnancy
Pre Natal Lactating


ReDeFine Health & Fitness develops & teaches Fitness Classes and Personal Training.   ReDeFine Health & Fitness also teaches people how to administer eating plans that are macro and calorie based.  We specialize in The Ketogenic lifestyle through the scientific macro formula of approx. 70% fat, 25% protein and 5% carbs. A Team of Doctors & Dieticians has been hired through DietMaster to administer proper calorie counts,  as well as approved meal plans for all of our clients.  We do not prescribe the ketogenic lifestyle as ReDefine Health and Fitness is NOT a medical facility, NOR do we have medical staff on duty other than the Dietitians that produce the calorie counts and meal plan templates. We do not use them for anything outside of the latter statement.  We are not a medical organization and cannot provide you any medical advice.  We strongly urge you to consult with your physician (or primary health-care provider) before starting any exercise or diet plan. A new way of eating can potentially affect a person’s mental and physical health.  It is recommended to stay in contact with your Doctor throughout your weight loss process to ensure your safety.


ReDefine Health & Fitness program is designed to improve your health but is not intended to treat any illness or disease.  If you choose to follow the ReDeFine Health & Fitness program/classes without consulting your physician, you are doing so at your own risk. 


We claim no responsibility for any injuries you might sustain.  Exercises include detailed descriptions to give you the information you need to be able to perform the exercise with proper form.  However, it is your responsibility to warm up properly, perform each movement correctly, weights used, and ultimately decide whether or not you are capable of performing the exercise/workout without sustaining an injury.

There are no guarantees as to outcomes.  Our methods of training and weight loss, while solely created, are not intended to convey any warranty, either expressed or implied, as to outcomes, promises, or benefits. Although ALL of my clients have had results, everybody responds differently to eating formulas and therefore potentially could have a medical issue that interrupts weight loss. Redefine Health & Fitness cannot be help responsible for lack of outcome due to medical reasons,  lack of following the plan, or an individual changing any part of the plan.

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