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Meal Type: 30 Day Weight Loss Women

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Week 1&2: A healthy body begins with living right, eating good foods, and eliminating toxins from our body. Our vegetarian detoxification template is loaded with green vegetables, nuts, fruits, lentils, and gluten-free carbohydrates to help the body eliminate built-up toxins in the liver. The liver is the main organ focused on our detoxification process. If the liver is not functioning properly, all of the other organs such as the colon, kidneys, heart, brain, lungs, skin, and hormonal systems will be less adequate. This can breakdown the body making it susceptible to many life-threatening diseases. Our well-designed detoxification program should provide the liver the ability to rid itself of incoming toxins and flush away the stored up fat-soluble toxins, leaving you feeling more focused and clearing away the “mental fog” we find we live with on a daily basis.

Week 3: The Weight Loss meal plan has been designed to yield fast results by combining the cleanest (low in fats), highest quality foods possible distributed between 5 to 6 meals each day to boost metabolism. Protein sources are provided by lean meats such as chicken, turkey, and fish. This meal plan may be somewhat limited in variety but has been clinically proven to shed weight quickly when combined with a regular exercise routine consisting of cardiovascular exercises to burn calories and resistance exercises to maintain muscle tissue. The Weight Loss meal plan is very popular amongst male and female fitness enthusiasts to burn fat and maintain muscle.

Week 4: These menus are low-carb (about 40% carbs) but still contain all of the essential nutrients. These menus are not, “no carb”, but contain enough for good health and a healthy, successful weight loss. The carbs that are included are concentrated high fiber products.

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