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30-Days to a Flatter Stomach Program
Online Program From March 8th - April 7th

Tone. Tighten. Flatten.
Experience a new found Mind & Body CONFIDENCE

Are you a woman over 40 feeling a complete LOSS over what to do about your new body changes?

Are you SO tired of feeling uncomfortable
in your own skin?

Are you sick of trying to figure out how to get rid of the bulge in your belly?

Can you relate to this?
My waistline is getting BIGGER and it is
TOTALLY stressing me out!


An expanding waistline is sometimes considered the price of getting older. For women, this can be especially true after menopause, when body fat tends to shift to the abdomen.
Unfortunately, an increase in belly fat does not only make it harder to zip up your jeans,  but it makes us FEEL very uncomfortable in our own skin. For some, it even has women NOT wanting to go out and socialize any longer because of feeling ashamed of their ever-changing body.

Ladies . . . There IS a solution! 

You don’t have to sit back and accept that your age did this to you and this is the body you must live in.

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Your weight is largely determined by four main factors:

  • How many calories you consume during the day

  • What macro formula you are following within your calorie count

  • How many calories you burn off through the RIGHT daily exercise regimen

  • Your daily living habits that might be contributing to STRESS which raises cortisol levels 

This is precisely why I created the 30 Days to a Flatter Stomach Program! It will 100% teach you the right tools to get back into the body that you feel GREAT about.

THE GREAT NEWS about this . . . 
This will give you a NEW Mind and Body Confidence in your everyday life. 

 I am going to show you how with our
‘30 Days to a Flatter Stomach Program’ 


A program that has been designed to get you RESULTS and create NEW Healthy habits to put you back in control of your mind & body.

Join my 30-Days to a Flatter Stomach Program


                                             Are You Ready To...


- Identify & ditch the habits that are creating a bulge in your belly?

- Gain a new level of Self Confidence?

- Banish the Bloat?

- Gain Increased Abdominal Core Strengthening?

- Tackle some of those habits that are depleting your energy and making you feel tired and lifeless?

- Learn new skills and techniques to add to your daily regimen to create the HEALTHIEST version of you?

- Take a deep dive into how to create LASTING CHANGE?

- REGAIN your Mind & Body CONFIDENCE once again?!!

 The 30 Days TO A FLATTER STOMACH Program is here

So Why 30 Days?

Can anyone actually make a NOTICABLE change in 30 days?


Judy was blown away by her new waistline!















Tammy shares her experience ...




















Let’s hear from Jacqui. In her first 21 Days, she lost a total of 9 lbs and felt AMAZING!


10 months ago I took a chance and signed on with Angie Carriere.  In 21 days with Redefine Health & fitness with Angie I lost 9 pounds.  My stomach was flatter, my clothes were loose, and my mood was amazing! 


Angie’s program gave me the tools I needed to make a change in the most positive way!  It has been said that changes and habits can be formed in as little as 21 days, and I am proof that this is true!  I had lost 3 inches off my hips, and my stomach, I was no longer bloated, nor did I  feel the hunger you usually feel when you try to lose weight.


10 months later, I have maintained my weight loss and actually have lost another 9 pounds.  I have started running again, and have adopted Angie’s program as a lifestyle .  Give yourself the opportunity to see what 21 days with Angie can do for you!

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Why a 30-Day Program Works?

When striving to reach a fitness and/or weight loss goal, there is nothing more powerful than a TIMELY, FOCUSED Program that offers you step-by-step daily activity to reach your goal and learn new habits. Daily activity checklists, a high level of accountability to your coach and fellow participants, the right eating and training programs and the right platform to gather together virtually are all key ingredients in a POWERFUL, RESULT-PRODUCING 30-Day Program


Not only will you SEE RESULTS in this time frame, but as a bonus, you will have created powerful new healthy habits to support ongoing weight loss, maintenance, sustainability, fitness health and AMAZING mental health.


Join our 30 Days to a Flatter Stomach Program & take back the control in your life. 

                                 Meet Rochelle

Take back the control in your life and embrace your mind & body confidence.


Imagine the feeling of a boost in confidence, extra energy, feeling strong & fit every day.


This effective 30-day Program is not just about creating your new habits, but also for better physical and mental health. 


Transforming your body isn’t ‘just a little thing’, It changes your life!

Side by Side Janis Danino.jpg

Janis did 2 back to back 30 day challenges and lost 29 lbs!

And if you are adding on the Fitness portion . . .


You will increase your cardiovascular strength, tone muscle, and continually increase your metabolism to support weight loss and weight maintenance.


The great news . . . It is all done virtually from the COMFORT of your own home!

• A Getting Started Webinar

• Workout Anytime from Anywhere in the World

• Professionally Instructed Workouts & Real-time Coaching
• A Fitness Community of Like-Minded People for 24/7 Support
• Over 200 Pre Recorded workouts,  6 Scheduled LIVE Virtual Classes Per Week with over 50 Bonus track of ‘TANK TOP ARMS’


                                      TONE, TIGHTEN, FLATTEN

*Optional Meal Plans and Coaching to Support Weight Loss

*Ongoing educational emails and videos to support sustainability

*Want REAL change like Lisa . . . Be sure to look at the CUSTOMIZED Meal Plan Option to get your OPTIMAL Results for Weight Loss and Maintenance

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Choose your best fitness plan

I will help you create a customized workout that fits your lifestyle, your goals, and teach you proper techniques to get the results you want!  The location for your workouts is your choice. We can do them in your home, cabin, office, my home, the park . . . the choices are endless. Where ever you feel the most comfortable to begin your journey.

Weight Loss Coaching
One on One Personal Training
Virtual Fitness
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