30-Day Slimdown Program
'Find your calm' course included

Tone. Tighten. Flatten. 

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Tighten, Flatten and Sculpt Your ABS From EVERY ANGLE!

Why a 30-Day slimdown program works

When striving to reach a fitness and/or weight loss goal, there is nothing more powerful than a TIMELY, FOCUSED Program that offers you step-by-step daily activity to reach your goal and learn new habits. Daily activity checklists, a high level of accountability to your coach and fellow participants, the right eating and training program and the right platform to gather together virtually are all key ingredients in a POWERFUL, RESULT-PRODUCING 21-Day Program


Not only will you SEE RESULTS in this time frame, but as a bonus, you will have created powerful new healthy habits to support ongoing weight loss, maintenance, sustainability, fitness health and amazing mental health.


Join our 21 Days to a Flatter Stomach Program & take back the control in your life. 

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Take back the control in your life and embrace your mind & body confidence.


Imagine the feeling of a boost in confidence, extra energy, feeling strong & fit every day.


This effective 21-day Program is not just about your Abs, but also for better physical and mental health. 


Transforming your body isn’t ‘just a little thing’, It changes your life!

Meet Rochelle

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Janis did 2 back to back 30 day challenges and lost 29 lbs!

You will increase your cardiovascular strength, tone muscle, and continually increase your metabolism to support weight loss and weight maintenance.


The great news . . . It is all done virtually from the COMFORT of your own home!

• A Getting Started Webinar

• Workout Anytime from Anywhere in the World

• Professionally Instructed Workouts & Real-time Coaching
• A Fitness Community of Like-Minded People for 24/7 Support
• Over 200 Pre Recorded workouts,  6 Scheduled LIVE Virtual Classes Per Week with extra focus on your ABS development and tank top arms. Plus extra bonus tracks with specific ABS sculpting videos to TONE, TIGHTEN, FLATTEN

*Optional Meal Plans and Coaching to Support Weight Loss

*Ongoing educational emails and videos to support sustainability

*Want REAL change like Lisa . . . Be sure to purchase a CUSTOMIZED Meal Plan to get your OPTIMAL Results for Weight Loss and Maintenance

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Choose your best fitness plan

I will help you create a customized workout that fits your lifestyle, your goals, and teach you proper techniques to get the results you want!  The location for your workouts is your choice. We can do them in your home, cabin, office, my home, the park . . . the choices are endless. Where ever you feel the most comfortable to begin your journey.

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