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Is Keto for me? 


Are you struggling with low energy?  Feeling down and tired of it all?

Do you want to lose weight and burn fat but have no idea where to start?  

Have you been carrying around extra pounds that you just can’t seem to lose?  


Unfortunately, there’s no magic pill or wrap that’s going help you lose that weight in a week. But, the good news is, there are ways to teach your body to burn fat that actually works AND are sustainable!  








I am Angie Carriere and I am here to share with you that KETO changed my life! Not only did I lose the weight I had been struggling to lose for over 10 years, but it changed my energy level, my moods, my skin, and my mind became crystal clear. 


NO keto pills and no Keto powders.  Just healthy whole foods administered the RIGHT WAY!  The emotional freedom I experienced from finally being in control of my mind and body was beyond belief.  I FEEL AMAZING and SO CAN YOU!


And the beauty of this all . . . you do not have to spend the hours upon hours of research I did to know how to get amazing results.  I have done it all for you. I will teach you what to eat, how much to eat, and even when to eat to get the results you desire. Through my coaching program, you will learn how to independently sustain this lifestyle so you can live a brilliant fulfilled life in a body you love.


 RELAX your mind, follow the program, and experience freedom while creating change. The change will come and you will experience oneness with your mind and body once again that will leave you Feeling Amazing. You DESERVE IT!


I have maintained a 36 lbs loss and I FEEL AMAZING and have so much energy! But most importantly, I feel good about myself and how I look. This program is amazing and the best part of all is Angie! She is an excellent weight loss coach, personal trainer and friend. Angie is one of the most kind, caring, honest, supportive, positive and knowledgeable person I know. She was and is always there for me. Angie for giving me my life back! ~Jan


Wait, so is it that Atkins diet? Paleo? Is it that bacon and butter diet and you fear a heart attack from ‘all that fat?


My dear friend and fellow Keto-er, these are the same questions I am asked over and over again. My answer to all of the above is no. What I practice and teach is NUTRITIONAL Ketosis.



It is Keto ‘The Right Way’  



Keto ‘The Right Way’ is all about eating the right HEALTHY  foods in the right amounts to fit into a designated calorie count that is right for YOU to reach your Health and Weight Loss Goals. It focuses on a science-based macronutrient count of 70% Fat, 25% Protein, and 5% Carbohydrates all of which need to be fit into and designed around your needed calorie deficit.  This can be a daunting task to not only figure out which foods create your macro and calorie count but also exactly how much food to fit that count.  This is where I come in and simplify it all.


I put the plan together for you to follow to bring you into a state of NUTRITIONAL KETOSIS.



The brain can ONLY run on one of two fuel sources: glucose or ketones


It’s a common misconception that the brain needs carbs. The truth is that carbs are the single macronutrient (there are three: protein, carbs, fat) that we do NOT need, and the brain will happily burn ketones for fuel. Our brains do need a small amount of glucose to function, but we can get this small amount from the protein we consume!

What is Ketosis?

Ketosis, or “keto", is a natural state for the body in which it becomes almost completely fueled by fat through eating a ketogenic diet: low carb, moderate protein, and lots of healthy fats. As babies, we are all born in a state of ketosis and remain that way until we begin eating solid foods (breast milk is almost entirely fat!) We also dip into a state of ketosis when we enter prolonged periods of not eating, or fasting, including while we are asleep. It is highly likely that you wake up in a ketogenic state!

To put it simply: Eat fat to burn fat.


‘Healthy Fats Equals a Healthy Life’



While in ketosis, the body is producing ketones. These small molecules are used as fuel when we have depleted our glucose (a.k.a. blood sugar) supply. Ketones are produced in the liver from fat, as we eat very few carbs and a moderate amount of protein.


The entire body – including the brain – consumes ketones as fuel.


Ketones provide sustainable energy, unlike carbohydrates, which are metabolized into glucose to give the body a burst of energy, spiking your insulin levels and then crashing later. Glucose is burned up quickly, leaving the body depleted of energy while leftover glycogen stores itself in the liver, or as triglycerides in fat cells. Without carbs, the body will quickly deplete its glycogen and will begin using fat for energy. Fat comes from the foods we eat as well as the stored fat - the triglycerides - in our cells.


Those of us who follow a ketogenic lifestyle switch our fuel sources back to the way we were born: we run almost entirely on fat. Insulin hormones dip to low levels and we rapidly burn stored fat for fuel. Outside of weight loss, we experience many other benefits such sustained energy, lack of hunger, mental focus, exercise endurance, and a bevy of other health benefits such as preventing, treating, and in some cases, curing chronic illness and life-threatening disease.

Weight Loss Coaching
One on One Personal Training


  • A 45-minute discovery planning call and set up

  • Your calorie deficit count calculation given your individualized information and your goals ( This is done by a dietician)

  • Your 7-day meal plan with the foods and portion sizes that make up the macro counts within your calorie count.

  • Your computer program and a downloadable app to give you 24 hour access to your plan. Your program has an exchange button to turn your 7-day meal plan into an ‘unlimited’ day meal plan so you can change your meals if you get bored with them. Active for a full business month

  • Access to Private Coaching Group. 




ReDeFine Health & Fitness develops & teaches Fitness Classes and Personal Training.   ReDeFine Health & Fitness also teaches people how to administer eating plans that are macro and calorie based.  We also specialize in The Ketogenic lifestyle through the scientific macro formula of approx. 70% fat, 25% protein and 5% carbs. A Team of Doctors & Dieticians has been hired through DietMaster to administer proper calorie counts,  as well as approved meal plans for all of our clients.  We do not prescribe the ketogenic lifestyle as ReDefine Health and Fitness is NOT a medical facility, NOR do we have medical staff on duty other than the Dietitians that produce the calorie counts and meal plans. We do not use them for anything outside of the latter statement.  We are not a medical organization and cannot provide you any medical advice.  We strongly urge you to consult with your physician (or primary health-care provider) before starting any exercise or diet plan. A new way of eating can potentially affect a person’s mental and physical health.  It is recommended to stay in contact with your Doctor throughout your weight loss process to ensure your safety.


ReDefine Health & Fitness program is designed to improve your health, but is not intended to treat any illness or disease.  If you choose to follow the ReDeFine Health & Fitness program/classes without consulting your physician, you are doing so at your own risk. 


We claim no responsibility for any injuries you might sustain.  Exercises include detailed descriptions to give you the information you need to be able to perform the exercise with proper form.  However, it is your responsibility to warm up properly, perform each movement correctly, weights used, and ultimately decide whether or not you are capable of performing the exercise/workout without sustaining an injury.

There are no guarantees as to outcomes.  My methods of training and weight loss, while solely created, are not intended to convey any warranty, either expressed or implied, as to outcomes, promises or benefits..

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