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Now Available Virtual Fitness

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Virtual Fitness is the perfect Health and Fitness Opportunity for those that want to work out from the privacy of their own home or office space.  Whether is it due to self-isolating as a result of COVID, the convenience factor, the affordability, or the solution for those that experience the extreme fear of walking through a gym door,  Virtual Fitness Classes and Community is amazing!

Receiving  PROFESSIONAL instruction and exercise sequences that work will support each participant in reaching their health & fitness goals.   Working with a  Personal Trainer through virtual is such a relief to many as it takes all the guesswork out of all of those unanswered questions.   "What kind of exercises should I do? How much do I do?  How do I do an exercise properly and safely? What sequence of exercises should I do to get results?" 

With everyone’s schedules and routines shifting, people are looking for variety and flexibility — they want a platform that can meet all of their wellness needs. Due to the COVID Pandemic,  people are spending more time at home, and now is the PERFECT time to focus on their Health and Wellness goals.    Many people in the past have felt rushed to get to a gym or simply felt they just could not fit it into their schedules.  Now, they do not even have to leave the home or office to get their workout in.  People have now realized how efficient, yet effective working out from home can be. My belief is that digitally guided at-home workouts will continue to be a part of people’s daily routines even after COVID 19.

Being a part of a Virtual Fitness Group creates great accountability. And we all know that ACCOUNTABILITY is KEY when creating and sticking to a fitness regimen. It’s one thing to simply plop on a video, it’s a whole other thing to be part of a Community that cares if you show up or not. The buddy system is a powerful tool to motivate! In this very unique time, connectivity is ESSENTIAL and a Fitness Community filled with like-minded POSITIVE people is an amazing support system both for physical and mental health.  

Here's what people are saying about ReDefine Health and Fitness Virtual Fitness With Angie

I love the virtual workouts that I can do in the privacy of my own home and fit into my schedule. It’s so much better than other workouts I have done because Angie constantly changes the routines and I never get bored. I appreciate all the excellent instruction and modifications to fit all fitness levels. I have been doing the workouts virtually since the start and I have found huge improvements in my mental health and flexibility! Offering your classes virtually has improved the fitness of my family. My husband and son now join me. Thank you so much Angie for being fitness to our home😊  ~ Amy

 I’ve never been able to do fitness videos as I’ve always needed the community at the gym to motivate me. However, because of our circumstances due to Covid-19, I am now part of Angie’s virtual fitness community. And I love it! I show up three times a week for her classes because she’s so motivating, fun, and most importantly knowledgeable. She takes a lot of time to instruct to ensure proper form. Angie is so enthusiastic, you can’t help but enjoy the workout, and the results afterward! Thanks, Angie, for bringing fitness into our homes!   ~ Bev

Love your classes. For me it couldn't have come at a better time. I had just had a stroke at the beginning of the year and I needed to exercise to keep healthy. Angie's Virtual workout allows me to do the exercises any time of day and the modification for All exercises which she suggests allows me to participate.😊😊~ Janice

I love Angie's Virtual Fitness classes. I can do it in the comfort of my home. I love the fact that she gives a modified version for some of the exercises, in case you're not there yet! She is so enthusiastic and loves what she is doing. Thanks, Angie, keep up the great work! ~ Louise

Make this your time to take control of your health. Whether it is weight loss, mental health, physical health, and/or community you are looking for, reach out to me today and let’s plan for your healthy future.

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