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With over 27 years of experience in the Counselling and Coaching field from her previous career, she brings a wealth of Knowledge and Passion into the Health and Wellness Field.


With  Angie

Experience The Freedom

Don’t wait until you’re in shape to join, JOIN to get into shape

As a woman approaching 50, recent changes in my health have made improving my lifestyle a must. Angie's multiple certifications and expertise in fitness and KETO lifestyle have given me confidence that I am receiving the best possible advice tailored to my needs.

The KETO plan has been extremely easy to follow and was customized to include the foods I like. Her positive energy keeps me motivated on the tough days and is always available to answer questions or concerns.

The Virtual Fitness class are ideal for times I am unable to get to a gym . Alternatives for each exercise to accommodate all skill levels are provided with a focus on safe and proper form.

Thank you Angie for helping turn my health around. I feel fantastic



I highly recommend Angie's fitness classes and coaching! She is very knowledgeable and gives modifications for all skill levels, emphasizes form and technique to get results, and prevent injury. Angie is very personable and really knows her stuff! I love her virtual fitness classes! The only regret I have is not joining sooner. 5-star review!  


Redefine Health & Fitness with Angie has equipped me with the knowledge and confidence to do workouts whenever, wherever which has been extremely helpful during this pandemic. Angie Carriere is knowledgeable, fun, and creative with her workouts and she’s excellent at connecting with her audience in an authentic way. I’ve really enjoyed being part of her virtual fitness and I plan to continue with it for months to come. Thank you Angie for always showing up with passion, energy & consistency and having such a beautiful huge heart to serve others! 


I have maintained a 36 lbs loss and I FEEL AMAZING and have so much energy! But most importantly, I feel good about myself and how I look. This program is amazing and the best part of all is Angie! She is an excellent weight loss coach, personal trainer and friend. Angie is one of the most kind, caring, honest, supportive, positive and knowledgeable person I know. She was and is always there for me. Angie for giving me my life back! ~Jan

What trainer do you know that continually speaks throughout her entire workout teaching weight loss tips, eating habits, healthy food ideas, shares personal stories, laughs and smiles continuously and then better the end of every single workout leaves us with an inspirational saying, quote or teaching to set our mind up for success for our day and week ahead?!!! Angie Carriere is one of the most inspirational instructors I have ever come in contact with. Not only does she care about our physical health, but she tackles the mental health all at the same time. Just WOW! The time and effort you put in to our eating plans, every single workout being different each day and your continual Coaching is incredibly inspirational and has changed my life. Not only do I feel stronger in my entire body, but I feel so incredible mentally as well. I have lost weight, I have gained muscle and as a 56 year old woman, I feel younger than ever. I Feel Amazing!!!

~ Natalie

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I began working out with Angie 3 years ago at her summer boot camp and have been with her ever since. Angie is so passionate and motivating she makes me look forward to working out. Her expertise in fitness coaching and keto coaching is never ending, she is always advancing her skills. She has something to offer for everyone no matter where you’re at in your journey. I am so thankful that she transitioned to online classes when Covid shut down our in-person classes. I look forward to the on-line classes with Angie and our crew three mornings a week....It’s the best way to start my day!!. I would highly recommend Angie for your fitness and lifestyle goals.  

~ Patty


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