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Virtual Fitness Classes & Coaching Group

You can now invite your Family and Friends from ANYWHERE in the world. Why not get ‘Healthy’ together!  There is nothing as powerful as the ‘Buddy System’ to hold us accountable to our goals

Fitness Class

Lots of classes to choose from to help you stay motivated, fit and healthy.


Keto done the Right Way with Angie. Creating plans to fit your needs to reach your goals.


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Angie Carriere truly understands the internal battle that is created by excess weight and body changes that come with over-eating, having children, and/or an aging body. Angie truly believes that every person deserves to ‘Feel Amazing’ and does everything in her power to teach, inspire, and coach for that inner FREEDOM for each and every one of her clients. Angie is a Certified Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach and Certified Personal Trainer. With over 27 years of experience in the Counselling and Coaching field from her previous career, she brings a wealth of Knowledge and Passion into the Health and Wellness Field.

Feel Amazing!

Choose your best fitness plan

I will help you create a customized workout that fits your lifestyle, your goals, and teach you proper techniques to get the results you want!  The location for your workouts is your choice. We can do them in your home, cabin, office, my home, the park . . . the choices are endless. Where ever you feel the most comfortable to begin your journey.

Weight Loss Coaching
One on One Personal Training
Virtual Fitness




Angie is down to earth and inspiring. She encourages her participants to work hard and push further but she also continually reminds us to be aware of our limits and offers suggestions for movement modifications that support the individual's needs. I appreciate this opportunity to exercise at home.



Thank you, Angie, for an amazing workout! The beach provided the perfect environment. Your coaching was impeccable! Your options for each exercise made each station challenging but not impossible. My muscles were sore in all the right way and right places, LOVED it! Thank you!!



Last summer I did ‘Fitness on the Beach’ with Angie and she gave us great full body workouts. It was so fun! I really liked how she gave us options at each workout station so the workout could be done at every level of fitness. That was good to know because we are all at different fitness levels.


We Love our Clients! Hear what they have to say about Angie!

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