ReDefine Yourself Weight Loss Challenge

Are you tired of your new 'COVID BODY?' Too many summer happy hours? Uncomfortable in your own skin?

Let me show you exactly what to do and how to eat to get your 'before Covid' body back and feel the CONFIDENCE you once felt. All with the potential of a very NICE CASH PRIZE!

Grab some friends & join us in our 45-Day ReDefine YOURSELF weight loss challenge starting Sept 16th to KICK start your metabolism into high gear, burn fat, tone up, create strength & FEEL AMAZING once again!

There is nothing more powerful than a great Weight Loss Challenge to increase accountability and urgency to help you LOCK ONTO getting you the results you desire!


With our powerful, quick and effective VIRTUAL fitness classes and strength training, MIXED with the right eating plan you will once again feel in control of your body.

Take control of your life NOW! Join a community with like-minded goals. Now is the time to redefine!

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With  Angie

Feel Amazing!

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